Sunday, October 12, 2008

Art Schmart

Yesterday, Andrew and I went to Manchester to attend the Buy Art Fair. Can't remember where, but I had seen something about it on the internet, gave them my name and address, and won a couple of tickets for free entry over the weekend. My idea was to buy some art for our new house (oh yeah, we're buying a house! - more about that once we're in). The event was held at Urbis, a space I mentioned in an earlier post. When we got there, Andrew took to it like oil and water (a bit like with me watching sports analysis shows on TV), but we managed to see the whole show, get a nice cuppa and I actually bought a couple of wonderful small ink drawings by Moose Allain. While having our nice cuppa we initiated a discussion about what makes something art and hence valuable (is it the artist's time spent, creating something completely new, or just resting on one's laurels - though not addressing how one got those laurels), deadlocked, and then moved on to more pressing topics like 'what's for dinner?'.