Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Year's Revolution

It may sound daft, but here is my thinking... During our visit together, my friend Amy and I talked about a lot of things, one of them being the fact that, in just over a year, we will reach a major milestone birthday. In preparation for this big event, we want to make some big, bold moves. An overhaul of body and mind. In my case, having moved to a new country for a new life, being much loved and supported, and unconstrained by being otherwise unemployed, I am in a position to try and find work that will provide both remuneration and fulfillment. Here are my ideas laid bare for you, and for me, to see. In a dream I would like to be the Suze Orman of the UK, helping people break from the shackles of debt by spending less and saving more. And my other dream is to open a spa, with beautiful interior spaces and massage therapists who will provide some much needed tactile human contact. Let's see where these dreams lead...

Looking Down

Here is some floor decor from recent trips I took within the UK and Prague...

Just York

Last week, my dear friend Amy from New York came for a visit (my first U.S. guest!) and during her stay we took a side trip to York, a beautiful city in Yorkshire, in North East England. Walk along the city's walls which run for nearly three miles for a great perspective of the city. Here are a few photos from our trip (the one of the River Ouse is after a recent flood).