Sunday, December 14, 2008

How long does an evening last?

I had a wonderful evening with my work colleagues at our Christmas party this past Friday. We floated in a barge on the Manchester Ship Canal, enjoyed a good meal, good company and a bit of drink and karaoke. It was festive and fun. I suppose I brought that good feeling with me to sleep because that night I dreamed I was with my work colleagues again and we were making honey, just by clapping our hands. In my dream I thought, if we could make honey just by clapping our hands, then indeed anything is possible! What a fantastic, uplifting thing to imagine. I remember having the same feeling on another occasion: I was in the car with my friend Roya, when I saw a bumper sticker on a van which said something to the effect of, "yes, even you can train to become a carpenter". At that moment it occurred to me that, yes, even I could be a carpenter if I so desired; anything is possible!